Witches • Witchcraft (1)

Witches are individuals who hone witchcraft or enchantment. Customarily, the word was utilized to blame somebody for charming somebody, or doing magic on them to pick up control over them by enchantment. It is currently additionally utilized by some to … [Read more]


Dragons - Fantasy Creatures

Dragons an unbelievable animal, normally scaled or fire-heaving and with serpentine, reptilian or avian qualities, that highlights in the myths of many societies around world. The two most understood social customs of dragons are: • The European dragons, got from … [Read more]


Vampires - Vampire - Fantasy Creatures - Vampires Movies

Vampires are beings from old stories that subsist by nourishing on the life pith (by and large as blood) of the living. In European legends, vampires were undead creatures that regularly went by friends and family and caused naughtiness or … [Read more]


Elves - Elves Facts

A elf (plural: elves) is a kind of human-molded extraordinary being in Germanic folklore and fables. In medieval Germanic-talking societies, elves appear to be by and large to have been thought of as creatures with mysterious forces and powerful excellence, … [Read more]

Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels - Angels - Angel Gabriel - Angel Michael - Lucifer

In religion, Fallen Angels are evils or defiant angels that have been thrown out of Heaven. The expression “fallen angels” does not show up in the Bible, but rather it is utilized of angels who trespassed, (for example, those alluded … [Read more]


Werewolves - Werewolf - Fantasy Creatures

A werewolf/werewolves (Old English: werwulf, “man-wolf”) or periodically lycanthrope (Greek:  lukánthrōpos, “wolf-individual”) is a fanciful or folkloric human with the capacity to shapeshift into a wolf (or, particularly in present day film, a therianthropic cross breed wolflike animal), either intentionally … [Read more]

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